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  • Sweden fighting for international students

    - Sweden’s staggering 90% decline in applications from international students indicated that studying remains a monetary issue as well. Its government now expanded the country’s scholarship program to regain attractiveness.

    This academic year, Swedish universities started charging tuition fees to international students. This led to a 90% decline in applications from oversea students. The newly introduced fees range from 100.000 kronor (€11.000) till 322.000 kronor (€35.000) per annum.

    The Swedish government has now recognized the gravity of the situation and has stepped up its financial support for oversea students. The Tuition Fee Waiver program will be allocated twice as much money, a total of SEK60 million (€6,5 million). This fund is designated to talented students from outside the EU who only have to pay part of their tuition fees or nothing at all.

    The Swedish Institute Study Scholarship will also grow in the national budget from currently SEK30 million (€3,2 million) to SEK50 million (€5,4 million). Students from developing countries can apply for this grant that covers tuition fees (up to €35.000) and some living costs (€735 per month).

    Whether this will bring back the 117.000 applicants that decided to apply elsewhere is rather questionable. In 2011, the Swedish scholarship program received 7.026 applications - only 105 students ended up receiving the money.