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  • Full study abroad popular with U.S. students

    - Over 43,000 U.S. citizens are following full degree courses abroad, a recent study shows. Most of them opt for master programs in Anglophone countries. Humanities, social sciences and business studies are especially demanded.

    The U.S. student loan market has been growing rapidly driven by widespread tuition fee hikes at both public and private universities. This gives an extra incentive to students who consider getting a degree abroad. A new study by the Institute of International Education (IIE) surveyed 13 countries indicating that there are currently over 43,000 American citizens pursuing full degrees abroad.

    Master degrees are most popular (44%), followed by Bachelor (39%) and doctoral programs (17%). The majority of U.S. students chooses to study in the U.K. (16,185). Germany and France are next in line representing 3,826 and 3,356 students respectively.

    Language crucial factor

    The authors of the report underline that language is a big factor in this context. 72% of all Americans pursuing a full degree abroad study in Anglophone countries. The other 28% mostly offer English taught courses. Remarkable here is that the Netherlands has a relatively market high share of 4% (over 1,700 students) which is comparable to countries like China and New Zealand (also 4%).

    Regarding study choice, it is apparent that most Americans are opting for studies in humanities, social sciences or business. According to the report data, 59% of all students specialized in one of these subjects. STEM courses (sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics), by contrast, accounted for 20%.