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  • On the agenda – Week 6, 2012

    - How can digital technology enhance learning? Korea pioneers with its approach. Furthermore, in this week’s “On the agenda”: narcissism appears poisonous for men and donations are at the center of knowledge, power and universities.

    What is on the agenda for higher education stakeholders all over the world? Every week ScienceGuide presents you with a selection of the most important topics and items trending in social media.

    Take 1 - Policy

    @OECD: Watch how Korea is using digital technology to stimulate a creative approach to learning.

    @Harvard University: Exclusive Harvard Graduate School of Education interview with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan '86 "Fighting the Wrong Education Battles".

    @University World News: EU commissioner says she will 'name and shame' states that don't speed up research reform.

    Take 2 - R&D

    @PLoS ONE: Expensive Egos: Narcissistic Males Have Higher Cortisol.

    @Thomas Roulet: Fillon - French Prime Minister - announces five more centres of excellence in research.

    @Janet Ilieva: Cities with highest research publication output. Fastest growing Sao Paulo, Nanjing.

    Take 3 - Finance

    @Al Jazeera: Power, knowledge and the universities.

    @Stanford University: More than 166k donors made The Stanford Challenge campaign a $6.2 billion success.

    @European University Association: Implementing Full Costing to Support Financial Sustainability: EUIMA study visit presentations now online.