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  • ICT-achterstand verergert recessie

    - Het kabinet moest in vier jaar €18 miljard ombuigen en er nu nog flink bovenop doen. UTwente onderzoek laat zien dat Nederland jaarlijks €19.3 miljard verliest door gebreken in ICT-netwerken en relevante kennis en vaardigheden. Neelie Kroes verspreidde dit onderzoek dan ook onmiddellijk.

    The University of Twente published "CTRL ALT DELETE", a report indicating that the Dutch economy loses €19.3 billion in productivity on a yearly basis due to low quality ICT networks or a lack of relevant skills in working with them. "For the Netherlands this is particularly harmful as the country's productivity growth was mostly relying on advances in ICT in the past," it says in the analysis.

    Insufficient skills, unreliable infrastructures

    In real working time this is equivalent to 7,6% or 27 minutes and 37 seconds that are lost per employee every day on average.  Examples cited as problematic are slowly operating computers, unavailable or malfunctioning servers and an overall inefficient use of computer and communication systems.

    Given the current fragile state of the Dutch economy, this insight is especially worrisome. In the last quarter of 2011, the local economy shrank by 0.7%. Last February, first estimates state that this trend worsened by another 1,4%.

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