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  • Launch Sander into Space

    - Former LSVb leader and Astrophysics student Sander Breur wants to go to space. A competition by “Metro” makes it possible. Support ScienceGuide, Sander and his plan to promote natural sciences among high school students.

    In 20 countries all over the world, space fanatics can submit their application join the SXC Space Mission in Curacao. The worldwide winner wins a trip to space including an extensive upfront training which will take place in the Netherlands.

    Former leader of the Dutch student union LSVb and Astrophysics student Sander Breur joined the competition. As part of this project, Sander's goal is to spread fascination for space among high school students in the Netherlands and Europe. Having studied physics himself, he will to talk to pupils and build excitement for sciences.

    Sander: "I believe that natural sciences are incredibly interesting because they help you understand the world. This passion for the unknown is what I want to show to high school students who are our talented scientists of the future."ScienceGuide supports this project in excellent teaching due to its originality and enthusiasm for natural sciences.

    Click here to cast your vote that will launch Sander into space. Votes can be submitted daily until the 12th of April.