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  • Roosevelt, Harvard summer of teaching excellence

    - Roosevelt Academy welcomes two Harvard experts for a summer program on excellence in teaching and learning. Teachers from Dutch university colleges, universities of applied sciences are invited to a series of workshops on microteaching, student-teacher co-creation and other innovative concepts.

    After last year's successful edition, Roosevelt Academy (RA) and Harvard University are set to organize another 4-day workshop on excellent teaching and learning in higher education. Between the 18th and 21st of June,  RA welcomes Dr. Ellen Sarkisian and Dr. Terry Aladjem, teaching experts from Harvard's Derek Bok Center, to meet with senior instructors from Dutch university colleges and universities of applied sciences.

    Microteaching and student-teacher co-creation

    One of the focus subjects will be microteaching, a technique developed and practiced at the Derek Bok Center and Harvard University. The intensive program also covers lessons on course structuring, course management and presentation skills.  

    In this context, Harvard's experts will furthermore discuss with participants how they can co-create courses by involving students in the process. Main goal of the program is that participants become empowered to take lessons learned to their respective organizations afterwards and spread them there as well.

    Teachers as creators of learning experiences

    Last year, speaker and Head of the Academic Core Department at RA, Michael Burke, stressed that "teaching is currently extraordinarily undervalued, while research is overvalued". Universities would often push their academic staff to publish research papers instead of having them prepare their classes properly. Their institutions look for reputational gain by being more visible in the research world while students are only second priority.

    Terry Aladjem, lecturer at Harvard, concurred with this view and emphasized that teachers should understand themselves as "creators of learning experiences". By using 'reverse-engineering', teachers should ask themselves "not what they want students to know, but what they want them to do with that knowledge later on." Accordingly, course syllabi would become less an enumeration of topics deemed important by the academic world and more an "orchestration of events to achieve the goal of true learning".

    ScienceGuide and Roosevelt Academy will work together to prepare and highlight the impact and content of the upcoming seminar. The following weeks and months you will see more on excellence in teaching and learning.

    Would you like to participate in the 4-day program on excellent teaching and learning by Harvard University and Roosevelt Academy? For more information on how to register for it, click here.