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  • On the Agenda - Week 19, 2013

    - The British Education Secretary is making policy based on PR-commissioned opinion polls and University of Maastricht is ready to cook a cultured meat hamburger. Also ‘on the agenda’ this week, eScience shows that carnivorous plant throws out “junk” DNA.

    Take 1 – Education Policy

    @johnprescott: British Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove is making education policy based on PR-commissioned opinion polls

    @SchleicherEDU: Netherlands & Flanders BE added to Strong Performers & Successful Reformers documentary series

    @guerillapolicy: The cold heart of primary teaching, the human connection between teacher and child –the teacher as advocate, ally and champion

    Take 2 – eScience

    @topsciencenews: Carnivorous plant throws out 'junk' DNA

    @WarwickUni: High home ownership can seriously damage your labor market, new study suggests

    @helmholz: Researcher construct invisibility cloak for thermal flow

    Take 3 – Food

    @NYTimes: Engineering the $325,000 Burger: Dr. Mark Post hopes to bring the dream of cultured meat one step closer

    @ifay_loraine: Metabolomics: its applications in food and nutrition research

    @WageningenINT: Enough food to go around in the Netherlands, even in a crisis

    …and this week on ScienceGuideEU

    @ScienceGuideEU: Where is the female inventor? Girls are as good in science but only 13% of the patents is filed by women.

    @ScienceGuideEU: The future learner will not chose an education once in his life. He and she rather will repeatedly ask the question what and where to learn next