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  • On the agenda - Week 29, 2014

    - Who is Britain’s new education secretary? Well, at least she isn’t Michael Gove. Also in this week’s ‘on the agenda’: the Rosetta Stone remembered and the race for space-tourism is on!

    Take 1 – British Cabinet Reshuffle

    @GdnHigherEd: Who is the new education secretary? Well, at least she isn't Michael Gove

    @LSEimpactblog: "At the time of writing, about 30% of the #WillettsLegacy tweets were positive, 45% were negative and 25% were mixed"

    @GdnHigherEd: Interesting comments on this piece >> what I want from the new unis and science minister

    Take 2 – EU

    @EuroParlPress: MEPs say yes to four new EU Commissioners to replace those who left to become MEPs

    @ParliFemale: EU Commissioners call for more women in Juncker's new team #TenOrMore

    @EU_Commission: Study maps EU school food policies for the first time

    Take 3 – Research

    @Britishmuseum:  Discovered on this day in 1799: the Rosetta Stone – key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs!

    @AlanTuringYear: "Only 35 per cent of average Twitter member’s followers are actual human beings"

    @Katkrose: UK to Enter the Space Tourism Race - The race to space tourism is on

    …and this week on ScienceGuideEU

    @ScienceGuideEU: "Injecting particles into the stratosphere to shade and cool the Earth will never stop climate change."