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  • Reuters ranks universities

    - In the ever growing market of university rankings, a new actor emerges. Well known news agency Reuters News today published its list of Europe’s most innovative universities. Belgium’s KU Leuven tops that ranking, followed by Imperial College London and Cambridge University.

    To create a ranking of Europe’s most innovative universities, Reuters News relied on data compiled by sister company, Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science and several of its research platforms: InCites, Web of Science, Derwent Innovations Index, Derwent World Patents Index and Patents Citation Index.

    As the ranking looks at patents and industrial collaborations, universities with a more technical approach stand out. Reuters looks at citation scores, but gives special focus to scientific research which had its impact on businesses. It also takes into account to which extent articles were written in coöperation with a commercial entity.

    This methodology has lead to Reuters publishing Europe’s Top 100 of innovative universities for the first time in its history. The top 10 of that list is dominated by the United Kingdom and Germany with three universities each. The rest of the top 10 consists of the KU Leuven (1), EPFL (4), The TU Delft (7) and the University of Zürich.

    The full ranking can be found here