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  • Dossier Focus: Students
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    (photo: William Hook)
    9 april - Kiyohito Yamasawa, the president of Shinshu University is waging war against the smartphone. At a speech for 2.000 new freshman at his college he told them to either ditch their smartphone or quit university. Smartphones are “nothing more than poison to intelligence, personality and creativity.”
    (photo: Andreas Schleicher)
    13 maart - “Growing up is often quite a challenging period. Ensuring that kids have a wide variety of skills to help them cope with some of life’s challenges may not always occur naturally. Sometimes they will need help in building social and emotional skills,” writes Andreas Schleicher of OECD.
    12 maart - Barack Obama wants to ensure protection for students who have to get a loan for college education. In a Student Aid Bill of Rights the president emphasises that “every student deserves access to a quality, affordable education at a college that’s cutting costs and increasing learning.”
    STeLA students at work
    31 oktober - Solving the world’s issues of today is not about getting the highest grade for your exam tomorrow. It is about leadership and cross-cultural cooperation, skills that most universities do not teach. The global ‘whizkids’ of STeLA do, after Delft and Stanford, next year in Beijing.
    Tommie Laitio
    15 september - Teachers are told they are the problem ánd the solution in the development of schools in Finland. “Do not ask the ones about to drown to swim faster,”says Tommi Laitio, Director of Youth Affairs in Helsinki. “Schools are still very much their own islands. Teachers deserve more.”
    photo: wikimedia commons
    22 juli - “The British government loses around 45p on every £1 it loans out to students.” A British parliamentary committee recommends change. “We are concerned that Government is rapidly approaching a tipping point for the financial viability of the student loans system.”
    4 juli - CERN celebrates its sixtieth anniversary. Also in this week’s ‘On the Agenda’: Half of Germany is now powered by solar energy and researchers plan to demo an artificial leaf in coming months. But can technology improve on photosynthesis?
    3 juli - “We entrust our children – and our countries’ future – to teachers; but do we really know how they feel about teaching?” asks OECD’s Andreas Schleicher. In TALIS more than 100,000 teachers were asked about how their work is recognized.
    23 juni - Spain considers to replace their student grant system with a British-style loan system, to stop the rising costs of higher education. Education State Secretary Gomendio explained that British students "borrow money from a student loan company, paying it back in comfortable, interest-free quotas."
    6 juni - Coursera restores MOOC access to students in Iran; and American students might be able to refinance their student loans. Also in this week’s ‘on the agenda’: There is a party in deep space and Hubble’s got the photos.
    23 mei 2014 - What do the European political parties think about higher education? Also in this week’s ‘on the agenda’: this year’s best blogs from British students and should you gamify eLearning?
    photo: Lucélia Ribeiro
    19 maart 2014 - “How could you start an awesome company when you’re making homework the whole night?” What can policy-makers and educators learn from the brightest teenage inventors? A lot it seems, education should be tailor-made, not only for pupils with difficulties.
    (foto: David Goehring)
    19 maart 2014 - Honours education elitist? Dr. Kevin William Dean from West Chester University refutes this. Invited by Hanze-professor Marca Wolfensberger, the expert in honours stresses the role of students as change agents.”I hope you’ll never get a job. Instead you should get a vocation.”
    21 februari 2014 - Does the profession of parents have an impact on student performance? Also in this week’s ‘On the agenda': shy Open Access should be a key issue for university leaders and snow days do not impact student learning.
    photo: Thisisbossi
    14 februari 2014 - The British government is likely to underestimate the value of student loans that will never be paid back. Also in this week’s ‘On the Agenda’: 86 percent of American Millenials with a college degree and a student loan say school is worth the price.