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  • Dossier Focus: Students
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    (photo: Hakan Dahlstrom)
    17 september - Ahmed Mohamed, an example of a bright, young student, was arrested over a self-produced clock he brought to school. The arrest of the 14 year old STEM-loving ninth-grader caused widespread criticism resulting in an ‘I stand with Ahmed’-campaign and support from Barack Obama and Steve Wozniak.
    (foto: JP)
    9 september - In a speech at the University of Surrey, British HE-minister Jo Johnson outlined his plans for upgrading teacher quality and widening participation in universities. Johnson aims to fulfil the potential of higher education as “engine of economic growth” as well as “driver of social mobility.”
    (foto: Thomas)
    2 september - Two years of college education without tuition fees. Obama´s plans are not new and not yet brought into practice, but the Association of Community College Trustees already hails it. “The promise of universal access to college is the best means to achieving economic independence for America and all her citizens.”
    1 september - The Dutch discussion around ‘rendementsdenken’ as was fueled by the Maagdenhuis-occupation, inspired philosopher Peter-Paul Verbeek at the University of Amsterdam to reflect up academic freedom and the role of valorisation of science. “Academic freedom implies societal engagement.”
    18 augustus - About 100 students and volunteers from different countries will travel to the Finnish Juuka this winter to build an ice bridge. The hundred-meter long bridge will get a free span of 50 meters and is made of ice and paper.
    (foto: John Walker)
    13 augustus - “Upper secondary education works as a springboard to continuing education and lifelong learning.” OECD-chef Dirk van Damme warns students for dropping out as “completing upper secondary school has become a kind of threshold to the rest of life.”
    24 juni - A new MOOC-platform is set to shake up education for aspiring artists. ‘Welcome to the future of creative education’, Kadenze says, offering courses ranging from arts culture in the 19th century to reïnventing the piano.
    (photo: Matt Barber)
    10 juni - China is facing difficulties to match the skills of its graduates with the demands of emerging markets. A new OECD-report sheds light on this matter. “Inequalities in educational opportunities, stemming in particular from the urban-rural divide and from the social background, shape careers and lives.”
    (foto: JP)
    2 juni - Jo Johnson is UK’s new Minister of State for Universities and Science. At a London higher education conference he gave us a first glance at his policy on the internationalization of British higher education. “We will continue to ensure that our excellent education system remains a magnet for brilliant minds.”
    (photo: William Hook)
    9 april - Kiyohito Yamasawa, the president of Shinshu University is waging war against the smartphone. At a speech for 2.000 new freshman at his college he told them to either ditch their smartphone or quit university. Smartphones are “nothing more than poison to intelligence, personality and creativity.”
    (photo: Andreas Schleicher)
    13 maart - “Growing up is often quite a challenging period. Ensuring that kids have a wide variety of skills to help them cope with some of life’s challenges may not always occur naturally. Sometimes they will need help in building social and emotional skills,” writes Andreas Schleicher of OECD.
    12 maart - Barack Obama wants to ensure protection for students who have to get a loan for college education. In a Student Aid Bill of Rights the president emphasises that “every student deserves access to a quality, affordable education at a college that’s cutting costs and increasing learning.”
    STeLA students at work
    31 oktober - Solving the world’s issues of today is not about getting the highest grade for your exam tomorrow. It is about leadership and cross-cultural cooperation, skills that most universities do not teach. The global ‘whizkids’ of STeLA do, after Delft and Stanford, next year in Beijing.
    Tommie Laitio
    15 september 2014 - Teachers are told they are the problem ánd the solution in the development of schools in Finland. “Do not ask the ones about to drown to swim faster,”says Tommi Laitio, Director of Youth Affairs in Helsinki. “Schools are still very much their own islands. Teachers deserve more.”
    photo: wikimedia commons
    22 juli 2014 - “The British government loses around 45p on every £1 it loans out to students.” A British parliamentary committee recommends change. “We are concerned that Government is rapidly approaching a tipping point for the financial viability of the student loans system.”