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  • Dossier Focus: Students
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    (photo: 401K)
    18 mei - Throughout the world there are large differences in tuition fees for universities. Ac cording to Dirk van Damme (OECD) both public as well as privatized higher education has its benefits, but a clear choice is preferred. “Universities pay the price of political indecisiveness.”
    17 mei - Michelle Obama’s initiative for HE-ambition and success delivers topical, very 21st century tools. There are now 5 finalists in the Reach Higher Career App Challenge. “I'm asking you to put your heads together and design new mobile apps that will connect students with the programs and jobs they need to fulfill their dreams."
    11 mei - German DAAD, Dutch EP-Nuffic, British Council, Campus France and the EU launch a new programme to provide Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt the opportunity to gain access to further and higher education. Counselling, courses and scholarships will be made available in this HOPES-approach.
    Dilma Rousseff (photo: Senado Federal)
    4 mei - In 2011 Science Without Borders was launched by Dilma Rousseff. The ambitious programme aimed to send 100.000 Brazilian students to universities abroad. Five years later the plans have largely become stalled. What has happened?
    (photo: Wonderlane)
    23 maart - “Mentors matter most in transitions. From high school to college, from college to a job.” Jean Rhodes (University of Massachussets Boston) studies mentoring programmes all over the world. In Leeuwarden she shared her experiences. “Mentoring is not for everyone.”
    (foto: Beatrice Murch)
    9 maart - “Countries that curtail academic mobility risk paying a high price.” Dirk van Damme (OECD) analyses the debate and data on the mobility of talent, in particular of master’s and doctoral students. What can we learn form the Swiss experience and other “new strongholds of global academic research”?
    (photo: Metropolico)
    4 maart - The International Summit on the Teaching Profession in Berlin is coming to an end. Although teachers’ professional learning was the official theme, a lot of attention has turned towards the refugee crisis and its challenges for education.
    3 maart - The European continent is going through major challenges at the moment. According to the Dutch student unions LSVb and ISO education should play a central role in tackling these crises. “Students should understand how Europe works, because the future of students is a European one.”
    (foto: Metropolico)
    23 februari - edX joins forces with an open education start-up in Berlin to enable access to free higher education for refugees. “Our joint efforts will help improve the lives of thousands of newly arrived Syrian and other refugees in Europe.”
    (foto: OCW)
    22 februari - As a major point in the Dutch EU presidency education minister Jet Bussemaker opened the conference ‘Skills for a lifetime’ in Amsterdam. In her speech she argued for flexible solutions in the labor market, a culture of life-long learning and international mobility in vocational education and training.
    (photo: Hakan Dahlström)
    4 februari - Internationalization within education will always be focused on “mobility, languages, and content”, but it will also be challenged by the task to “convert allophobia into allophilia, in order to be succesful both socio-culturally and economically in tomorrow’s space and time,” says prof J.A. Bruijn.
    21 januari - The EUA reacts with horror to the attack on Bacha Khan University in Pakistan. “Any act of violence or attack on education runs counter to the fundamental university values of freedom of thought and expression, tolerance and autonomy.”
    (foto: Ed Yourdon)
    12 januari - Overall, women more and more are outperforming boys in higher education. Yet, OECD-chief Dirk van Damme sees women still underrepresented in science and engineering. “Persistent gender stereotypes in work places and along career paths, prevent women from reaping the full benefits of their higher education.”
    18 november - An agreement has been reached regarding new EU rules of entry and residence for non-EU student. They will have the right to stay at least 9 months after finishing their studies and the right to move within the EU during their stay, as well as the right to work at least 15 hours a week.
    (foto: Joelk75)
    17 november - “Education is the first and most important tool to achieve freedom: it is the only tool that leads to freedom of thought, self-consciousness and awareness of your surroundings. It is also the only tool that, once achieved, can never be taken away from anyone,” ESU-chief Fernando Galan says.