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    23 februari 2016 - edX joins forces with an open education start-up in Berlin to enable access to free higher education for refugees. “Our joint efforts will help improve the lives of thousands of newly arrived Syrian and other refugees in Europe.”
    3 december 2015 - “We are now seeing a real breakthrough in availability, usability and quality.” According to OECD-chef Dirk van Damme Open Educational Resources (OER) have developed strongly. “Over the past few years we’ve seen OER mainstreamed into several education systems.”
    12 november 2015 - “Computer scientists have to show more respect to instructional designers.” Tony Bates is skeptical about the way in which some online teaching is heading. “We need more conversations about where we are coming from. You can’t use students as guinea pigs.”
    26 oktober 2015 - De Kamer wil nog veel meer ‘unusual suspects’ laten reflecteren op de HO-strategie van minister Bussemaker. Zo komen een recruiter van Randstad, de Singularity University en een extra reeks experts met wereldwijde blik, naast Dirk van Damme van de OECD. De koepels mogen tot slot nog even aanschuiven.