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  • Dossier Focus: Innovation
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    (photo: Gabriel Villena)
    2 maart - In 2013 Utrecht was named the most competitive region following the Regional Competitive Index carried out by the European Commission. In 2016 they have been overtaken by London.
    (photo: European People's Party)
    2 december - The European Commission is about to extend and expand the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI). “The Investment Plan for Europe has proven useful in encouraging a sustainable increase in investment in Member States,” the Commission says, despite criticism from the European Court of Auditors.
    12 oktober - Wat does artificial intelligence hold for the future of the USA? A strategic plan by the Executive Office of the President National Science and Technology Council Committee on Technology suggests “An AI-enabled world demands a data-literate citizenry that is able to read, use, interpret, and communicate about data.”
    (photo: Blake Patterson)
    26 september - “There is only a weak association between the use of ICT in education and performance in mathematics and reading.” To improve this, according to the OECD the education industry may need to become “an essential partner in any education innovation strategy.”
    (photo: NASA)
    5 juli 2016 - It took NASA’s Juno five year to reach ‘Roman husband’ Jupiter. Yesterday the spacecraft “succesfully entered Jupiter’s orbit during a 35-minute engine burn,” NASA reports.
    (photo: ChathamHouse)
    30 juni 2016 - STEM Education and computer science will get a big boost, when Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States. “All public school students in America will have access to rigorous computer science education by the time they graduate within five years.”
    14 juni 2016 - In the ever growing market of university rankings, a new actor emerges. Well known news agency Reuters News today published its list of Europe’s most innovative universities. Belgium’s KU Leuven tops that ranking, followed by Imperial College London and Cambridge University.
    24 mei 2016 - The Digital Progress Report of the EU shows that Europe is going forward, but seems to be slowing down at the same time. Fast broadband for instance mainly reaches urban areas, as only 28% of rural homes are connected to this technology. And how is your country performing?
    (foto: andre pipa)
    10 mei 2016 - Knowledge institutes and public agencies from the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, France, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Mozambique, the Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam join forces to prevent floods and render urban deltas resilient against climate change. They have started a worldwide ‘Delta Coalition’.
    (foto: Rijksoverheid)
    14 april 2016 - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte presides the EU at present and will come to the ‘Hannover Messe’. There he will open the Day of Knowledge, ‘Wissenstag’, set up by ScienceGuide, the STEM Education Coalition form 2016 Partnercountry USA and the Dutch National STEM Platform.
    16 maart 2016 - The 2016 Startup Nation Scoreboard shows that the Netherlands is leading Europe in making progress on the implementation of measures from the roadmap to adopt policies to strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation. “On balance, Europe is making good progress in key areas.”
    Mars crater Aram Chaos
    14 maart 2016 - Space brings knowledge and innovation back to Earth. This can be seen at ESA, where business incubation has passed the milestone of 400 new companies. Space technology and expertise creating new businesses and jobs boosts local economies and Europe’s competitiveness.
    (photo: NASA)
    9 februari 2016 - A recent study using data from NASA’s Cassini mission has “weighed” the central parts of Saturn’s most massive ring for the first time. The results confirm that more opaque areas in the rings do not necessarily contain more material. This research has important implications for their age.
    (foto: B.Monginoux)
    29 januari 2016 - The USA is preparing its HE and R&D for a massive presence and input into “ the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology”, the Hannover Messe. As President Obama will be the first US leader in history to open this leading global event of knowledge and innovation, much is at stake.
    15 januari 2016 - As fabulous Rosetta/Philae around and on comet Chury and Pluto-visitor New Horizons come to an end, the next great adventure is near. Early July spaceship Juno will be near its goal: the enormous planet Jupiter – Juno’s Roman husband – and its clouds of gas, huge spots and many secrets.