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  • Dossier Focus: Europe
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    (photo: J. Nathan Matias)
    14 februari - How is the Erasmus+ programme perceived by universities in Europe? The programme for internationalisation of higher education is currently undergoing its mid-term review and the European University Association (EUA) is giving some recommendations.
    (photo: UCL)
    20 januari - The European Commission has announced the 15 members of the new High Level Group that will advise the Commission on innovation in Horizon 2020. At the World Economic Forum in Davos commissioner Carlos Moedas said he was delighted with “such a high-calibre group of innovators.”
    (photo: Cheryl)
    5 januari - On the 15th of January the public consultation about the future of the Horizon 2020 will close. The Renowned German Helmholtz Association argues that the scientific programme should “focus on topics where Horizon 2020 can achieve its maximum European added value.”
    (photo: European People's Party)
    2 december - The European Commission is about to extend and expand the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI). “The Investment Plan for Europe has proven useful in encouraging a sustainable increase in investment in Member States,” the Commission says, despite criticism from the European Court of Auditors.
    3 november - Just after the deception of Schiaparelli’s failed landing at Mars, the European Commission presents a new space strategy for the period of 2017-2020. “The overall international space context is changing fast: competition is increasing; new entrants are bringing challenges and new ambitions in space.”
    (photo: Willtron)
    27 oktober - European organisations are calling for the restoration of €2.2 billion, now invested in the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), in the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Research into Societal Challenge should once again play an important role in the European plans.
    20 oktober - During the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU Open Access has been put firmly on the European scientific agenda. A survey report by Science Europe shows that over the last years everywhere in Europe efforts have been made to implement policies on Open Access.
    (photo: KP M)
    22 september 2016 - The European Commission is about to set up a High Level Group of independent experts that will advise them on how to maximise the impact of EU’s investment in innovation and research. The group will be chaired by Pascal Lamy, President Emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute.
    (photo: o5com)
    25 juli 2016 - University leaders from 24 European countries have stressed the importance of collaboration with their partners in the UK after Brexit. “We are strongest when we tackle issues collaboratively, when we exchange ideas and people, and when we open our hearts and minds to new perspectives and new knowledge.”
    28 juni 2016 - “Leaving the EU will create significant challenges for universities.” In a first response to the Brexit, Julia Goodfellow (President of Universities UK) said the UK Government should take steps to ensure staff and students from EU countries can continue to work and study at British universities.
    (photo: Images of Money)
    24 juni 2016 - A year ago universities voiced their concern over how Juncker’s European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) would work out for science. The European Commission assured them they need not worry, but according to the EUA universities haven’t benefited from the fund.
    (foto: EPP)
    8 juni 2016 - The EU presents its first ‘Skills Agenda’, “because in a fast-changing global economy, skills determine Europe's competitiveness and the capacity to drive innovation.” But “one in four adults has not achieved an upper secondary qualification,” Commissioner Marianne Thyssen puts forward as a key worry.
    (photo: Ferdinand Schmutzer)
    8 juni 2016 - ESA’s LISA Pathfinder mission has demonstrated the technology needed to build a space-based gravitational wave observatory. This is remarkable as gravitational waves , hypothesised by Albert Einstein a century ago, were directly detected for the first time only in September 2015.
    30 mei 2016 - Comet 67P keeps surprising us, even after Philae's landing and its new insights. Ingredients regarded as crucial for the origin of life on Earth have been discovered at the comet that ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft has been probing for almost two years.
    24 mei 2016 - The Digital Progress Report of the EU shows that Europe is going forward, but seems to be slowing down at the same time. Fast broadband for instance mainly reaches urban areas, as only 28% of rural homes are connected to this technology. And how is your country performing?