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  • Dossier Focus: Life Long Learning
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    (foto: EPP)
    8 juni 2016 - The EU presents its first ‘Skills Agenda’, “because in a fast-changing global economy, skills determine Europe's competitiveness and the capacity to drive innovation.” But “one in four adults has not achieved an upper secondary qualification,” Commissioner Marianne Thyssen puts forward as a key worry.
    17 mei 2016 - Michelle Obama’s initiative for HE-ambition and success delivers topical, very 21st century tools. There are now 5 finalists in the Reach Higher Career App Challenge. “I'm asking you to put your heads together and design new mobile apps that will connect students with the programs and jobs they need to fulfill their dreams."
    8 januari 2016 - "The success of our economy and society writ large depends on a more highly educated citizenry. Smart ideas for economic opportunity and social cohesion know no boundaries." Martha Kanter leads the College Promise Campaign in the USA after her many years as Obama's education-innovator. "Community college campuses are unique."