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  • 22 februari - Good teachers integrate “a body of knowledge into their teaching behaviour and constantly mobilising those bits and pieces of knowledge,” OECD-director Dirk van Damme writes in his blog on innovative teaching. "It is only by understanding this process, that we will find what makes a ‘good teacher."
    14 februari - How is the Erasmus+ programme perceived by universities in Europe? The programme for internationalisation of higher education is currently undergoing its mid-term review and the European University Association (EUA) is giving some recommendations.
    4 april - At the Open Science conference of the Dutch EU-presidency the stakes are high, because “in everyday research, science is only accessible to scientists. Science has a high wall around it. A wall that keeps knowledge and data inside - and keeps the public out.” Minister Sander Dekker therefore pleads for opening up, drastically.
    14 maart - Hanan al-Hroub is the 2016 winner of the Global Teacher Prize. This was announced by Pope Francis in a message to the award-event this weekend. Who is she and was has teacher Hanan done to receive this special honor and $1 million to invest in her educationdream?
    2 maart - In 2013 Utrecht was named the most competitive region following the Regional Competitive Index carried out by the European Commission. In 2016 they have been overtaken by London.
    23 februari - The biggest challenge facing Ukranian science is still the ever rampant corruption that seems to be inherent to the system. This is the main conclusion of the Policy Support Unit of the EU Horizon 2020 committee led by the old president of the KNAW Hans Chang.
    30 januari - Trump’s executive order to temporarily prevent people from seven Muslim-majority countries entrance into the US is already affecting academia. The European University Association (EUA) voices its concerns. “This is playing politics with the world knowledge pool and with academics’ and students’ lives.”
    26 januari - Not even a week after the Women’s March mobilized millions of people throughout the United States, scientists are planning a similar event for scientists worried about the policies of the Trump administration. “We hope to use this as a starting point to take a stand for science in politics.”
    8 december - The recent financial crisis has hit activities in science, technology and innovation very hard, a new report by the OECD shows. “The proportion of public spending that goes to R&D is unlikely to increase, and a decline in the public funding of universities is already noticeable in many countries.”
    3 november - Just after the deception of Schiaparelli’s failed landing at Mars, the European Commission presents a new space strategy for the period of 2017-2020. “The overall international space context is changing fast: competition is increasing; new entrants are bringing challenges and new ambitions in space.”
    17 maart - This week's On the Agenda with Russia's soft power using international students, mobile phones as teaching tools in refugee camps, how Trump is damaging science, how innovation could reshape India and all on The Netherlands in the aftermath of its elections.
    10 maart - China's philanthropists investing heavily in education, South Africa's violent fight for higher education, Google buys data science community Kaggle, Brazil a global leader in gender equality in science and all on science, education and innovation in Japan. This week's On the Agenda.