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  • 30 oktober - In de Tweede Kamer blijven zorgen bestaan over het aanbieden van opleidingen van Nederlandse ho-instellingen in het buitenland. De Kamer wil weten hoe de academische vrijheid gegarandeerd is en hoe gewaarborgd is dat er geen geld van de belastingbetaler gemoeid is met dergelijke opleidingen.
    15 september - A consortium of educational institutions received an European grant for the promotion and development of young talent. “It is an enormous challenge for teachers to facilitate each talent while taking into account the diversity of the student population,” says Marca Wolfensberger who’s leading the initiative.
    23 maart - On the day of the hearing between Elsevier and the Dutch universities ScienceGuide has uncovered the contract which publicity was the centre of the dispute. The open access paragraph in the contract reveals how Elsevier plans to fight open access every step of the way.
    4 april - At the Open Science conference of the Dutch EU-presidency the stakes are high, because “in everyday research, science is only accessible to scientists. Science has a high wall around it. A wall that keeps knowledge and data inside - and keeps the public out.” Minister Sander Dekker therefore pleads for opening up, drastically.
    8 juni - Onlangs ontving Robert-Jan Smits de KNAW Akademiepenning. In zijn ontvangstspeech kijkt hij naar de Brexit en de moeilijke tijden voor Europese samenwerking. Volgens de DG Onderzoek en Wetenschap moet de EU juist nu nog sterker inzetten op kennis.
    6 april - Het negentiende-eeuwse Foxcombe Hall was de Universiteit van Peking bijna negen miljoen pond waard om een nieuwe dependance in te stichten in Oxford. De business school moet studenten een introductie bieden in de Chinese economie.
    15 mei - According to Dirk van Damme international students are increasingly seen as either a burden or a cash cow instead as a welcome addition to the student population.
    30 januari - Trump’s executive order to temporarily prevent people from seven Muslim-majority countries entrance into the US is already affecting academia. The European University Association (EUA) voices its concerns. “This is playing politics with the world knowledge pool and with academics’ and students’ lives.”
    3 juli - Publisher Elsevier will not further appeal the decision to publicly disclose their contract with the Dutch universities. This means yet another step has been taken into the direction of full transparency.
    2 juni - The open access contracts between the Dutch universities and publishers Elsevier and Springer have to be publicly disclosed. That is the verdict of the committee charged with considering the appeal of the publishers against a freedom of information request.
    27 oktober - This week's On the Agenda. Why everyone hates Betsy DeVos, Brexit 'not at all bad' for education, the new priorities for last part of Horizon 2020 funding, why PhD students should embrace discussing a career outside of academia and why it is really a bad time to be a student in Australia.
    20 oktober - This week's On the Agenda with student fees across Europe, quality of higher education in Turkey, Chinese universities planning to use scoial-media posts in researcher evaluations, Ghana to set up a national science, technology information fund and a special eye on Latin America.