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  • “Universities should provide developmental opportunities for both early career and more experienced educators.” The League of European Research Universities (LERU) has written a paper on the importance of education in research-rich universities. “Reward and promote excellent university teachers.”
    News and Analysis
    22 februari - Good teachers integrate “a body of knowledge into their teaching behaviour and constantly mobilising those bits and pieces of knowledge,” OECD-director Dirk van Damme writes in his blog on innovative teaching. "It is only by understanding this process, that we will find what makes a ‘good teacher."
    (photo: J. Nathan Matias)
    14 februari - How is the Erasmus+ programme perceived by universities in Europe? The programme for internationalisation of higher education is currently undergoing its mid-term review and the European University Association (EUA) is giving some recommendations.
    (photo: MSC@flickr)
    26 januari - Not even a week after the Women’s March mobilized millions of people throughout the United States, scientists are planning a similar event for scientists worried about the policies of the Trump administration. “We hope to use this as a starting point to take a stand for science in politics.”
    (photo: Cheryl)
    17 november - Students around the globe are raising their voice against the commercialisation of education, tuition fees and cuts. #FundOurFuture aims to make a “universal call for quality, free education within a fully liberated and decolonised education system.”