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  • What models of governance are effective in complex education systems? OECD/CERI analyses in a new publication how “our societies, education systems are increasingly diverse regarding students, teachers and communities, as well as the values and identities we expect education to deliver.”
    (photo: USgov)
    21 juli - “Europe is facing a widening skills gap”. According tot he European Commission new technologies “are making many manual jobs obsolete, while creating demand for new types of skills.” Action at a European level is needed to create a workforce that is able to overcome this skills gap.
    (foto: MSC@flickr)
    4 mei 2016 - With Trump as the GOP candidate and Clinton ‘almost there’ it is time to put science and technology high on the agenda in the 2016 USA campaign. You can be part of this! ScienceDebate.org, backed by Nobel Laureates and hundreds of other leaders in academics, is active again to involve you ánd the candidates.
    29 maart 2016 - Ahead of the referendum on UK membership in the EU university leaders and many scientists in the UK are mobilising against the so-called Brexit. EUA strongly supports its British colleagues who expressed their convictions in a letter of Stephen Hawking and many others from the Royal Society.
    8 januari 2016 - "The success of our economy and society writ large depends on a more highly educated citizenry. Smart ideas for economic opportunity and social cohesion know no boundaries." Martha Kanter leads the College Promise Campaign in the USA after her many years as Obama's education-innovator. "Community college campuses are unique."