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  • This week's On the Agenda with Russia's soft power using international students, mobile phones as teaching tools in refugee camps, how Trump is damaging science, how innovation could reshape India and all on The Netherlands in the aftermath of its elections.
    On the agenda
    (photo: AJ Lopes)
    10 maart - China's philanthropists investing heavily in education, South Africa's violent fight for higher education, Google buys data science community Kaggle, Brazil a global leader in gender equality in science and all on science, education and innovation in Japan. This week's On the Agenda.
    3 maart - This week's On the Agenda, Betsy DeVos's misunderstood alma mater, universities hot spots in culture wars, how Trump's travel ban is reshaping science, Belarussian tech dreams, ten lessons for innovation and all on Sweden.
    (photo: Dilip Muralidaran)
    24 februari - Ideological inspection at China's top colleges, Oxford University creating an out-of-touch ruling class, Poland becoming a scientific force to be reckoned with, new head of EPA Scott Pruitt a climate-change doubter and all on education and science in India. This week's On the Agenda.
    (photo: Alanyasunlife)
    17 februari - How India is solving the teacher shortage with virtual tutors, patriotic education in China, what's happening at South Africa's universities, coders saving NASA's earth data, how collaboration between arts and science could lead to new insights and all on Turkey in this week's On the Agenda.