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  • This week's On the Agenda with Japan looking to make free higher education a constitutional right, white supremacists upsurge puts US universities under pressure, China expands antarctic ambitions, supposedly for science and all on Trump and his visit to Brussels in this week's On the Agenda.
    On the agenda
    12 mei - How China is using soft power to boost its international appeal. Betsy DeVos booed at historically black college. Macron's moment is Europe's too. The KU Leuven the heart of European innovation. Science publishers and the rise in copyright breaches and all on the Middle East in this week's On the Agenda.
    Budapest parliament
    5 mei - This week's On the Agenda. What will the French elections mean for universities, research in higher education must for Indian sustainable growth, Europese billion-euro quantum project, China creating its state-funded Wikipedia, lesson's from Canada's war on science and all on Hungary.
    (photo: Kosala Bandara)
    21 april - Tory rebels push government for better deal on overseas students. Liberia outsourcing education. China aims to be a global leader on energy. How legislation is choking European innovation and all on the French elections this Sunday. This week's On the Agenda.
    (photo: Conor MacNeill)
    13 april - This week's On the Agenda with the use of big data driving universities, student activism is back on the rise, the sorrow of China's boarding schools, India's Silicon Valley losing its edge, Europe funding data accelerator and all on Britain.