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  • This week's On the Agenda. Why everyone hates Betsy DeVos, Brexit 'not at all bad' for education, the new priorities for last part of Horizon 2020 funding, why PhD students should embrace discussing a career outside of academia and why it is really a bad time to be a student in Australia.
    On the agenda
    20 oktober - This week's On the Agenda with student fees across Europe, quality of higher education in Turkey, Chinese universities planning to use scoial-media posts in researcher evaluations, Ghana to set up a national science, technology information fund and a special eye on Latin America.
    13 oktober - This week's On the Agenda with academic freedom under threat in China, Apple creating a start-up hub at Oxford, Jo Johnson promising a Brexit deal on science and research, what historical objects tell us about India's scientific past and all on the Baltic states.
    (photo: Daniel Gasienica)
    6 oktober - This week's On the Agenda with Theresa May on higher education, radical changes in Turkish university admission system, the bipartisan fight for college-endowment in the US, China catching up with America in science, openness leads to success in research and all on this week's Nobel Prizes.
    29 september - Empty universities in Venezuela, new focus for China's business schools, how to stop the graduate brain drain, Macron's vision for Europe, Wikipedia shaping the language of science, African network aiming to strengthen scholarly publishing and all on Spain and Catalunya in this week's On the Agenda.