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  • Tory rebels push government for better deal on overseas students. Liberia outsourcing education. China aims to be a global leader on energy. How legislation is choking European innovation and all on the French elections this Sunday. This week's On the Agenda.
    On the agenda
    (photo: Conor MacNeill)
    13 april - This week's On the Agenda with the use of big data driving universities, student activism is back on the rise, the sorrow of China's boarding schools, India's Silicon Valley losing its edge, Europe funding data accelerator and all on Britain.
    (photo: Ana Paula Hirama)
    7 april - Turkey refusing to recognise diploma's from 29 universities over alleged coup links. China wants most of it citizens to speak mandarin. Planet discoverer calls for strong promotion of EU research. British academics enjoy most autonomy in Europe and all on Russia in this week's On the Agenda.
    South African Parliament (photo: Victor Bergmann)
    31 maart - This week's On the Agenda with the new U-Multirank, Betsy DeVos speaking with her Brazilian colleague, India the next education superpower, a new Ethics Group for advising the European Commission, Germany's 100 most innovative organisations and all on South African education.
    17 maart - This week's On the Agenda with Russia's soft power using international students, mobile phones as teaching tools in refugee camps, how Trump is damaging science, how innovation could reshape India and all on The Netherlands in the aftermath of its elections.