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  • How India is solving the teacher shortage with virtual tutors, patriotic education in China, what's happening at South Africa's universities, coders saving NASA's earth data, how collaboration between arts and science could lead to new insights and all on Turkey in this week's On the Agenda.
    On the agenda
    (photo: Andy Liang)
    10 februari - China's middle class anger at the education system, how universities can provide sanctuary to refugees, America in need of highly skilled workers to boost innovation, the failure of a French science super-campus and all on Greece and its crisis resurfacing.
    (photo: Conor MacNeill)
    3 februari - This week's On the Agenda with the struggle for Betsy de Vos to become the US education minister, Sciences Po cancels critical speech on Putin, the #ScienceMarch on Washington has a date, what India can do to get more big science projects and all on Great Britain.
    (photo: Panoramas)
    27 januari - Canada's accidental brain drain. Theresa May's plans and its effects on higher education. US goverment scientists going 'rogue' in defiance of Trump. A look in Latin America's largest startup ecosystem and all on France in the run up to the elections. This week's On the Agenda.
    20 januari - On the day of Donald Trump's inauguration our On the Agenda is all about the outlook of his presidency for science and education in the USA. Furthermore we take a closer look at Singapore as a education superpower and India becoming associate member state of CERN.