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  • This week's On the Agenda with Hong Kong struggling to stay a global player. Germany and its system of vocational education. Where do parents want their kids to study? India and Israel deepening ties on innovation and all on the G20 in Hamburg.
    On the agenda
    (photo: ClatieK)
    30 juni - This week's On the Agenda with the university of the future, why we are going to be replaced by robots, the rise of commercial academic publishing, US lawmakers' science spending plans ignore Trump cuts and all on Scandinavia and its labour markets.
    (photo: Victor Magdic)
    23 juni - Tech-millionaires try opposites ways for online education in India. China invests heavily in STEM education. Looking back at MOOC-predictions. Bridging Africa's digital divide. European academics about life in Britain a year after Brexit and all eyes on Canada in this week's On the Agenda.
    16 juni - How will higher education look like in 2040? What is China doing for educatin in Africa? What is the Dutch solution to sea levels rising? Should America be making facts great again? And, what is happening with university campuses in Latin America? This week's On the Agenda.
    (photo: Christine Matthews)
    9 juni - More support for investing in vocational education than in universities, Qatar crisis endangers branch campuses, eastern European countries becoming knowledge economies, France offering foreing scientists 4-year grants and all on Great-Britain and the results of the elections. This week's On the Agenda.