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20 november 2006 | Het boek Essays on Internet and Information Economics uit de Tinbergenreeks is van de hand van Rob van der Noll, en bestaat uit vijf essays over de impact van ICT ten aanzien van e-commerce, verzekeringen en de strijd om aandacht van de consument.

In the last decade we have witnessed advances in information and communication technologies. These ICTs play a central role in the world economy: the rise of the Internet has facilitated the dissemination of information, while technological progress at the same time enhances the acquisition of information, for example in health care. Nevertheless, information processing is still bound by human nature, and the ease by which one economic agent can nowadays contact another may overload the latter. Other limitations include the fact that not everything of value can be digitalized, that exchange via Internet is indirect and disclosure of personal information may enable discrimination. The impact of these technologies on society is therefore equivocal.
This book consists of five essays that each discuss some of the above issues, with applications to e- commerce, insurance and the competition for attention.

Rob van der Noll obtained the Mater of Philosophy degree from the Tinbergen Institute in 2002 and continued with doctorate microeconomic research at Erasmus University Rotterdam and partly at Nuffield College, Oxford University. He has been working in policy research and risk management since November 2004.

Rob van der Noll, Essays on Internet and Information Economics

Thela Thesis
Tinbergen Institute Research Series
16,5 x 24 cm
151 pag.
€ 19,25
ISBN 90 5170 876 9
NUR 780
Research Series 385

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