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9 november 2006 | Charles Leadbeaters nieuwe boek We-think, the power of mass creativity is opmerkelijk door de totstandkoming via online peer review en dialoog. U kunt daaraan via dit artikel ook zelf actief meedoen. Leadbeater, kennisgoeroe van Tony Blair maar ook de bedenker van Bridget Jones, spreekt vandaag voor de HAN- masterclass in Arnhem. Zijn interview met ScienceGuide over innovatie- en kennisbeleid leest u hier.
Over de aanpak van zijn nieuwe boek zegt hij: “As I was researching and writing We-think over the past eighteen months and more, it became increasingly evident that I could not write a book about collaborative creativity in a traditional way.

My argument is that creativity is invariably collaborative and that opportunities for largely self- organising creative collaboration are going up the whole time. Seems odd then not to apply that thinking to the book itself. That is why – with the full support of my publishers at Profile – I am releasing the book in draft form before its formal and physical publication, planned for summer 2007. Most of the first draft was made available in September 2006, with the final chapters following. I hope that by opening the book up to readers’ comments before it hits the bookshops we can make it a better book. When you write a book you get lots of comments from people after it is published, by which time it’s too late to do too much.

But the point is not just to make We- think a better book. The point of the book is to provoke a conversation about the emerging opportunities for us to organise ourselves in ways that are more collaborative and creative.

Is publication the end of the process?

I hope not. For a start there may be other editions of the book, in paperback and in other countries. Even after the book is formally published discussion about the ideas could continue on the We-think site but also in other settings.

Will this work?
I have no idea but I figured it was worth giving it a try.”

U kunt dus zelf met Leadbeater meedenken en schrijven op de daarvoor ingerichte site. Die vindt u hier .