Nederland top IT-land in Europa

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30 maart 2007 | Het Europese i2010 rapport over ‘the digitally-led strategy for growth and jobs’ biedt voor Nederland belangrijk materiaal. “The ICT sector continues to grow faster than Europe's overall economy, according to the i2010 second annual report. ICT contributed nearly 50% of EU productivity growth between 2000 and 2004, with software and IT services currently the most dynamic growth area (5.9% for 2006-2007).” Nederland is bovendien leidend IT-land geworden. “The Netherlands is one of the best performing countries in Europe and leads the way in information society development.

The level of ICT skills in the workforce is high in all aspects and the fourth highest in the EU for specialist skills. The proportion of R&D investments going to ICT-related research is the third highest in the EU.” U leest het rapport over Nederland hier.

“Our integrated European policy for growth and jobs is now starting to pay dividends,” zegt Viviane Reding, EU Commissaris Information Society and Media. “However, let’s not be complacent. ICT companies in Europe are still not able to profit from economies of scale in view of regulatory fragmentation that blocks the emergence of pan-European services and hurts the chances of e-communication operators and software companies to compete on the world market. The EU and its Member States need in particular to make a greater effort to remove the remaining impediments within internal markets for online services.”

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