Nieuw internet in 15 jaar klaar?

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30 maart 2007 | "We believe that the current Internet has significant deficiencies that need to be solved before it can become a unified global communication infrastructure." Met die stelling start de universiteit van Stanford een programma om het internet fundamenteel te innoveren. De experts daar zeggen bovendien, dat “the Internet's shortcomings will not be resolved by the conventional incremental and 'backward-compatible' style of academic and industrial networking research.” De focus van het programma zal zijn “on unconventional, bold, and long-term research that tries to break the network's ossification.”

In hun analyse onderstrepen zij daarom: “Our reliance on the Internet makes us victims of its success, and vulnerable to its shortcomings. Some of the shortcomings are self-evident, such as the plague of security breaches, spread of worms, and denial of service attacks. Even without attacks, service is often not available due to failures in equipment or fragile routing protocols. And its
behavior is unpredictable making it unsuitable for time-critical applications.

Other shortcomings are less obvious: The Internet was designed for computers in fixed locations, and is ill-suited to support mobile end-hosts; it uses packet-switching making it hard to take advantage of improvements in optical switching technology; it neither ensures anonymity, nor facilitates accountability; and the demise and restructuring of most network service providers suggests that providing network service is not profitable. In summary, we don’t believe that we can or should continue to rely on a network that is often broken, frequently disconnected, unpredictable in its behavior, rampant with (and unprotected from) malicious users, and probably not economically sustainable.”

Het onderzoeksprogramma is uitgezet om over 15 jaar tot fundamenteel redesign van het wereldwijdweb te komen. Het gaat uit van twee kernvragen; “With what we know today, if we were to start again with a clean slate, how would we design a global communications infrastructure?” en “How should the Internet look in 15 years?” We will measure our success in the long-term: We intend to look back in 15 years time and see significant impact from our program.”

U vindt de uitvoerige opzet en beschrijving van dit project hier.

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