The Earth Charter & Europe

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25 oktober 2007 | “If Europe is to step forward and play a more active role in shaping global policies, the European project of cooperation and integration at home must be firmly grounded in the new global ethic of sustainability. Now more than ever, Europe needs the Earth Charter to help secure its own transition to sustainable development, but also to strengthen its role on the world stage, so that it can be a force for positive change and ensure that the Earth Charter’s integrated ethical vision of justice, peace and democracy, human rights and environmental protection are elevated to the core of the global political agenda”, Johannah Bernstein writes in the follow-up of the Maastricht Forum on the Future of Europe (May 2007).

Johannah Bernstein, The Policy Relevance of the Earth Charter for Europe.

Johannah Bernstein is an international environmental lawyer based in Geneva. She worked with Dr.Steven Rockefeller in several phases of the Earth Charter drafting process before its formal launch in 2000.

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