HO wil Kosovo helpen

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19 maart 2008 | De Europese koepel van universiteiten, de EUA, wil de steeds dreigender situatie in Kosovo helpen verbeteren door juist nu de contacten met de twee HO-instellingen aldaar te instensiveren. Dit kan de civil society en het perspectief voor jonge mensen op een Europese toekomst versterken Zij roept daartoe de leden op actief mee te doen.

Kosovo has always been a region of priority attention for EUA, and more so now than ever. EUA considers it vitally important to support the two main universities – located in Pristina and Mitrovica – in developing European academic cooperation and partnership, and will therefore work closely with both institutions to intensify support from EUA’s member universities.

While many students in Europe now take for granted unprecedented opportunities to benefit from a genuine European educational experience, Kosovo youth has largely been isolated from these positive developments. It is time to make a real effort in improving the quality of higher education and to increase opportunities for students to benefit from the Bologna reforms.

EUA is a member of a network of organisations that support higher education in Kosovo – along with the Council of Europe, ESU, the Stability Pact for South East Europe, SPARK and others – and will use the opportunities of this informal network to develop appropriate support activities in guiding the higher education system. Universities interested in contributing to this effort are actively invited to contact EUA.

Embracing Southeastern European higher education institutions in the European Higher Education Area is a necessity for the entire region. The role of Europe’s universities is critical, and this message will be underlined in the near future by Georg Winckler, President of EUA, who is planning a visit to Kosovo to reinforce the message of commitment from the European academic community.