Alleen nog kennismigranten in Europa?

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29 mei 2008 | Sarkozy wil in het Frans presidentschap van de EU dit najaar een streng gezamenlijk migratiebeleid tot stand brengen. Daarbij zou de toegang tot de Unie strikt beperkt worden tot de gewente kennismigranten en mensen waarvan de 'skills' in Europa schaars zijn.

Paris is proposing a “pact on immigration” under which efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants would be coordinated. The French proposal contains new measures to return those illegally residing in the EU to their countries and calls for tougher “re-admission” deals regulating these returns. Additionally, those seeking asylum could be forced to apply for refugee status in advance.

To integrate the newcomers, EU states are encouraged to put in place compulsory “integration contracts,” making it obligatory for the immigrants to adopt “national and European values,” says the newspaper. They would have to take compulsory language lessons as well. “Europe does not have the means to welcome with dignity all those who see an El Dorado in it,” it reads. During his term as interior minister, current French president Nicolas Sarkozy – himself the son of a Hungarian immigrant – made a similar remark: “We can’t offer housing and jobs to all those who think France is an El Dorado.”

The French parliament last year approved a bill introducing the possibility to have foreigners hoping to join relatives in France pass a DNA test to prove they are related. The French proposal is currently being discussed by EU states and can still be modified, but Paris is hoping it will be adopted under its six-month presidency. [bron: EU-observer]

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