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2 juli 2008 | How do we make more youngsters choose for a career in Science &Technology? Do better information about quality, ranking and attractiveness help? And how? Platform Beta Techniek in the Netherlands has been dealing with this challenge and international issue since 2004. It aims to structurally enlist 15% more pupils and students into beta technical education and to improve the use of existing talent in companies and research facilities in the Netherlands.

After 4 years of the Platform, there are significant improvements. A third to fifty percent of the total amount of schools and institutions are currently participating in the different sectors. Even girls are currently choosing Science & Technology more often.

Are you as a country or region dealing with this subject? Would you like to know what works and what not?  And would you like to learn how other countries deal with this problem, or would you like to share your approach? If you do, we would like to invite you to the summit: The Dutch Experience. Piecing together the puzzle: more students for Science & Technology.


The aim of the summit is to share the results and the experience of the Platform, but also to learn from other countries that are dealing herewith. The summit programme is put together on the basis of best practices from a variety of approaches.  You will not only learn from existing initiatives, but you will be challenged to develop new solutions with other participants. The summit is meant for professionals who are dealing with these issues themselves.


Practical and professional orientation
How can schools and companies work better together?  Example: Jet-Net

Attitude of the youngsters and communication
The BetaMentality Model.

Innovation of education.
Example: Talent capacity.

(Regional) networks and the chain approach.

Management (government and institutions)
How to create and consolidate a beta technique approach.

Girls and ethnic minorities.


The International Summit The Dutch Experience. ‘Piecing together the puzzle: more students for Science & Technology’ will be held on November 9-11 2008 in Amsterdam. More about the programme and how to register will be posted on thedutchexperience.nl.

About the Platform Bèta Techniek

The Platform Bèta Techniek has been commissioned in 2004 by the government, education and business sectors to ensure sufficient availability of people who have a background in scientific or technical education. Its aim is to achieve a structural increase of 15 per cent more pupils and students in scientific and technical education and to use existing talent more effectively in businesses and research institutes. The aim is not just to make careers in science more appealing, but also to introduce educational innovations that inspire and challenge young people. The Platform therefore targets schools, universities, businesses, ministries, municipalities, regions and sectors.

Read more about the Dutch Approach on our

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