Stephen Hawking over 50 jaar NASA

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28 juli 2008 | Morgen bestaat de NASA 50 jaar. Stephen Hawking heeft bij die gelegenheid een lezing gehouden en met kracht gepleit voor voortgaande investeringen in de verkenning van de ruimte. De kosten daarvan zijn gedaald van 0,3 naar 0,12 % van het BNP van de USA sinds de jaren 70. Hawking zegt onder meer: “We have already driven Rover and landed a probe on Titan, a moon of Saturn, but if one is considering the future of the human race, we have to go there ourselves.

Going into space won’t be cheap, but it will take only a small proportion of world resources. NASA’s budget has remained roughly constant in real terms since the time of the Apollo landings, but it has decreased from .3 percent of U.S. GDP in 1970 to .12 percent now.

Even if we were to increase the international budget 20 times to make a serious effort to go into space, it would only be a small fraction of world GDP. There will be those who argue that it would be better to spend our money solving the problems of this planet, like climate change and pollution, rather than wasting it on a possibly fruitless search for a new planet. I am not denying the importance of fighting climate change and global warming, but we can do that and still spare a quarter of a percent of world GDP for space. Isn’t our future worth a quarter of percent?

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