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17 december 2008 | M-2009 is het motto van de 23rd ICDE World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education. Dit wereldwijde evenement zal van 7 tot 10 juni in Maastricht worden gehouden. Het thema van M-2009 is: “Flexible Education for All: Open – Global – Innovative”.

De Open Universiteit is gatsheer en een bijzondere samenwerking is in gang met de collega’s uit Brazilië en Azië.

Zoals de organisatoren het zelf aankondigen: “We are witnessing fascinating developments that are in the heart of our profile and that may touch the whole educational system. First of all new concepts and instruments are emerging that are really opening up education for all, which is a major global ambition as formulated by UNESCO. Secondly, society, the labour market, and individual as well as groups of learners require much more flexibility in their acquisition of (new) knowledge and competencies. This implies a major modernisation of the educational system that can build on our expertise and experience. In the third place, the expanding scope of information and communication technology (ICT) is contributing to innovations in education, facilitating a variety of mixed modes of on-site and on-line learning. Finally, globalisation is a real challenge for education. On the one hand it is a driver for (international) competition. On the other hand it is leading to new and rich forms of collaboration, institutional, interpersonal and intercultural, where ICT again is a key factor.

The platform and network of M-2009 offers extra value because it’s a two-in-one conference, where the globally operating ICDE (International Council for open and Distance Education) and the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) have joined forces. You can meet colleagues from different continents around the world while at the same time you may experience the specific European flavour. We expect very significant contributions from all over the world that will shine a light on the developments mentioned above as they take place in   different countries and regions. Plenary keynotes are part of an otherwise very flexible and interactive conference format providing a stage for all of you who want to share your vision, innovative ideas, research results, good practice or experience with the global education and training community.

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