Demografische verandering vraagt grotere participatie

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10 februari 2009 | “In biblical times the profession of Prophet was occasionally hazardous. Attempting to describe future skill needs in the midst of global economic turmoil may also be foolhardy!” Irish researcher and HE-manager Seán Mc Donagh nevertheless presents a thorough analysis of European skill needs and demographic change in HE and UAS in particular. “Demographic change requires greater participation, productivity and persistence in the workforce.

Reorganisation should address these issues and facilitate older workers where appropriate. Their upskilling should be facilitated.”

Fundamental factors -in skill needs change- “include a changing global order, the globalisation of innovation and the global increased output of quality graduates. This will be a more competitive world demanding even higher quality skills. Sectoral change will continue with the growth of service industries and the demand for increased productivity in manufacturing. Demographic change will call for employee upskilling to increase participation, productivity and persistence in the workforce.

Technological change and innovation will continue and intensify. A major driver of change will be environmental consideration and the need to address resource use, sustainability and climate change. Enterprises will have to adapt to such changes and reorganise to exploit higher skills. Educationalists welcome their key central role in to-morrow’s world in providing to-morrow’s skills, in the inservice professional development of employees and in research/applied research. The context will be one of universal upper secondary participation and mass and growing higher education.”

His complete key note adress at the European UASNET conference on the future role and potential of universities of applied science can be read here as a pdf.

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