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10 februari 2009 | CHE Consult (Centre for Higher Education Development) offers support for Dutch higher education institutions in entering the German market. Within the next two decades, the number of graduates from high schools outnumbers by far the amount of available university placements in Germany. More than 714.000 prospective additional students compared to 2005 will look for study options. Therefore, the German market provides huge opportunities for Dutch higher education institutions.

Many of these already entered the market on their own initiative already (e.g. Maastricht University). So far such initiatives focus predominantly on the Dutch-German border region and cannot be based on data analysed for this purpose.

CHE Consult now offers the unique opportunity to develop a data-based market entry strategy. As the result of a two-year project, we are able to provide highly detailed information on various aspects relevant for a market entry in the so-called DATA ATLAS.
All data is analysed to the level of a county (Kreis) within Germany, as one of the smallest entities for which the Federal Bureau of Statistics provides data. Analytical dimensions can be:

–          What is the demographic development of each county in the relevant age group?

–          At which university do students from a county study?

–          How do recruitment structures of the specific German universities and HEIs look like?

–          What are the subject preferences of high school graduates from a specific county?

–          What are average travel distances of students from a specific county?

–          What is the financial background of potential students in a specific county (based on disposable family income informations)?

CHE Consult can then identify regions of special interest for the recruitment of an individual university based on its main targets and consequently relate these data to instruments for useful market entry (such as direct recruitment instruments or offshore-in loco activities) and help to develop a market strategy. Furthermore, we can support universities in designing specific recruitment instruments and actions to spur the actual market entry.

Over the past two years we have developed experiences in several projects with German HEIs (e.g. University of Kassel, Universities of applied sciences in Neubrandenburg, Konstanz, Brandenburg). Our strategy development is based on long-term experience both in research on issues such as marketing, student recruitment and market analysis as well as the establishing of new HEIs (e.g. two successful projects in the competition in Nordrhein Westfalen).

Dutch universities and universities of applied science which are interested in such a project are invited to contact Uwe Brandenburg (, tel: +49-5241-211-79-71) or Markus F. Langer (, tel: +49-5241-211-79-31).

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