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14 september 2009 | The Auditing Instrument for Sustainable Development in Higher Education (AISHE) is useful, but still leaves room for improvement, Akke Folmer concludes on the basis of a pilot study.

Giving attention to sustainable development in higher educationis seen as a necessary step forwards in the world we live in today.In undergraduate tourism programmes, sustainable tourism is animportant concept. In August 2008, the Auditing Instrument forSustainable Development in Higher Education (AISHE) of the DutchFoundation DHO was carried out at the undergraduate tourismmanagement program at Stenden university, Leeuwarden, to get moreinsight into the integration of sustainable development. In thisstudy, the usefulness of this audit was evaluated for the tourismprogram. From this pilot study by Akke Folmer, suggestions are madeto improve the AISHE method for other tourism institutions inhigher education in Europe.

Akke Folmer, Sustainable Development in Higher Tourism Education: a Dutch CaseStudy

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