Internet voor groene Sahel

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19 oktober 2009 | Sir Tim Berners-Lee, een van de grondleggers van het internet, gaat met de VU en zijn nieuwe World Wide Web Foundation de wetenschap en duurzaamheid in Afrika een impuls geven.

These grassroots initiatives in the Sahel countries now involvehundreds of thousands of farmers and have been successful inregreening hundreds of thousands of hectares of previously degradedland. But much more is still needed.

Regreening initiatives are now spreading over more regions andcountries. The need for information exchange, communication,learning from each other, and knowledge sharing is spreadingaccordingly.

On 20 October, the Symposium The World Wide Weband Social Development is held, followed by a shortpress conference with all the symposium speakers. In the afternoon,Berners-Lee will receive an honorary doctorate. 

Berners-Lee will formally launch the World Wide Web Foundation,with a mission of advancing Web science and standards, anddeploying the Web as a means of empowering people to improve theirown lives.  VU shares this vision with the Web Foundation,thus forming the basis for their partnership.

As a “hands-on” practical start, the VU will enable to arrange aWorld Wide Web Foundation Workshop on these issues with a widerange of stakeholders from Burkina Faso, Mali, Ghana, Niger andother countries. The goal is to establish the needs, requirementsand priorities for African Regreening partners in rolling outeffective Web-accessible information, education and knowledgecentres. This workshop is planned for January 2010.

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