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28 april 2010 | President Obama nodigt u uit hem te helpen beslissen welke van zes instellingen hij gaat bezoeken om de diploma's uit te reiken. Wie excelleert bijvoorbeeld bij 'Engage students in learning and foster personal responsibility and academic excellence'? Obama zal uit uw favoriete 3 finalisten zijn reisdoel kiezen.

De president schreef onder meer aan de redactie vanScienceGuide de volgende uitnodiging:

I need your help.

Earlier this year, I promised to speak at a high school’sgraduation somewhere in the United States. To be considered, weasked schools to tell us how they achieve three importantcriteria:

  • Set a positive example for other high schools around theCountry;
  • Engage students in learning and foster personal responsibilityand academic excellence; and
  • Prepare students to graduate college to help meet my 2020 goalthat America have the highest proportion of college graduates ofany nation in the world.

We’ve narrowed down more than 1,000 entries to six finaliststhat each have a three-minute video and short essay you can reviewand rate. From now until Thursday, anyone can participate. Once thevoting is over, I’ll choose the winner from the top three.

Check out the six finalists:

We’re calling this process the Race to the Top CommencementChallenge, and it’s just the beginning. I’m planning to speak at ahigh school graduation every year I’m in office to keep the focuson our commitment to our Nation’s schools, and to motivateteachers, principals, and students to keep improving.  And ofcourse lifting up American education will take parents getting moreinvolved in their child’s education.

This is also an opportunity to discover and highlight schools likethese six finalists: excellent examples of the kinds of effectiveapproaches to teaching and learning that I know are happeningaround the country. Let me know what you think of the choices:

Thank you,
President Barack Obama

P.S. The deadline is Thursday at midnight EDT, so take amoment to give your input on these six deservingfinalists.

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