BP investeert in olieonderzoek na ramp

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17 juni 2010 | BP stelt naar aanleiding van de olieramp in de Golf van Mexico een half miljard dollar beschikbaar via het ‘Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative’. De eerste $ 25 miljoen gaat naar “high-priority studies of the distribution, composition and ecological interactions of oil and dispersant”.

“It is vitally important that research start immediately intothe oil and dispersant’s impact, and that the findings are sharedfully and openly,” aldus BP-chef Tony Hayward. “We support theindependence of these institutions and projects, and hope that thefunding will have a significant positive effect on scientists’understanding of the impact of the spill.”

Three initial studies will help establish critical baseline dataas the foundation for subsequent research. In this first round offunding, the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative is providing:

  • $5 million to Louisiana State University (LSU);
  • $10 million to the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO)hosted by the University of South Florida;
  • $10 million to the Northern Gulf Institute (NGI), a consortiumled by Mississippi State University (NGI).

“Being selected to receive funds from BP to conduct researchinto the impacts of oil spills and dispersants on the environmentis truly a testament to the high-caliber research expertise of ourfaculty,” said LSU Interim Vice Chancellor for Research &Economic Development Doris Carver. “These grant dollars will allowour researchers to put their expertise to work to help understandthe environmental impacts of oil spills and to develop solutions tohelp mitigate those impacts.”

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