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15 februari 2011 | President Obama wil krachtig bezuinigen om het tekort te reduceren. Maar ook om meer ruimte te maken voor extra investeringen in kennis, R&D, innovatie en schone energie. Of zoals hij zelf zegt: “Here in Washington, we have to take a cue from millions of American families who have been tightening their belts while continuing to invest in their future.”

In een toelichting op zijn begrotingsvoorstellen meldt depresident hierover het volgende: “Getting our fiscal house in orderrequires shared sacrifice. But even in these tough times, we have aresponsibility to make smart investments in our Nation’sfuture.

That’s why we must invest in innovation to ensure that the jobsand industries of the future are built right here in America. It’s why we need to invest in roads, bridges, high-speed rail andhigh-speed Internet to help our businesses ship their goods andideas around the world.

And it’s why America must invest in education so that all of ourchildren have an opportunity to fulfill their potential. Eventhough parents are the key to a child’s education, we have aresponsibility to ensure that America’s students are prepared tocompete and thrive in the 21st century global economy.

Yesterday, I visited Parkville Middle School and Center ofTechnology near Baltimore, Maryland. At Parkville, students gain astrong background in math, science and critical thinking skillsthat they will need to compete for the jobs of the 21st century. Infact, the most popular subject in their magnet program isengineering.

Investing in schools like Parkville, investing in qualityteachers, investing in higher education – these are down paymentson our children’s and our country’s future.

Here are just a few investments in education that I’ve proposedin the budget I sent to Congress:

•            Preparing 100,000 new math, science and engineering teachers.

•            Expanding Race to the Top, a reform program that has led more than40 states to raise their standards for teaching and learning forless than 1 percent of what we spend on education each year.

•            Helping more kids afford college by making the American OpportunityTax Credit permanent and strengthening Pell Grants for 9 millionstudents.

Here in Washington, we have to take a cue from millions ofAmerican families who have been tightening their belts whilecontinuing to invest in their future.  And that’s exactly whatmy budget proposal does – it puts us on a path to live within ourmeans so we can invest in our future.”

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