China to repatriate 500.000 scientists

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9 september 2011 | Between 2011 and 2015, China wants to repatriate 500.000 scholars that went to study abroad, according to plans by the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Given the unstable global economy, China appears determined to stop any further ‘brain drain’.

The primary goal is to get talented graduates to return and help”achieve technological breakthroughs and boost the country’shi-tech and emerging industries”. Currently, there are around480.000 Chinese students enrolled at foreign universities and many morethat became expatriates and never returned.

Xinhua, a Chinese news agency with close ties to the government,reported that scientists from disciplines suchas “equipment and manufacturing, information, bio-technology, newmaterial, aviation, environmental protection, energy resources andmodern agricultures” are especially encouraged to return to theirhome land.

Business incubators for ex-expats

“[In the next 5 years], China will further improve policiesregarding returned overseas Chinese in accordance with thecountry’s economic and social development […] and create afavorable environment for them to exert their talents,” states thegovernment document.

Primary part of this strategy will be to offer businessincubators to entrepreneurs that need support for their start-ups.According to Xinhua, 150 of these incubators are already in placewith 8.000 companies employing 20.000 former expatriates. By 2015,China wants to have at least 200 of these units supporting 15.000businesses.

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