The most boring game in the world

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30 september 2011 | A researcher from a Norwegian IT university developed the most boring game in the world. In “The Artist is present” you take control over a pixel avatar and… wait in line to sit silently on a chair in front of the Serbian artist Marina Abramovic in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).

The most exciting feature of the game might be that it takesplace in New York. Apart from that there is not much that wouldtrigger excitement for gamers and art lovers. Pippin Barr from theNorwegian Centre of Computer Games Research is thecreator of this rather eccentric game.

His creation was inspired by a performance of the Serbian Marina Abramovic. Atthe beginning of 2010 for 75 days she sat down on a chair in the MoMa and invitedguests to silently take a seat in front of her. Obviously, thisresulted in long waiting lines which Barr tried to capture in “TheArtist is present”.

Marina Abramovic, The Artist is present, by Andrew Russeth

(foto: Andrew Russeth)

While designing the game, Barr aimed at imitating the experienceof this performance. This means for instance that the hours thegame can be played are adapted to real MoMa opening hours: closedon Tuesdays, otherwise open Wednesday till Monday between 16.30hand 23.30h, CET.

Furthermore, it is actually possible to step out of the line.Then, the game shows no mercy. All people waiting behind you moveahead forcing you to go all the way back to the end of the line.This “fun” can take you hours with no cheats allowed.

Barr admitted that in an early version of the game, a bugexisted which allowed the player to fly your avatar all the way tothe front. This glitch, however, was fixed to give the player thewhole experience of waiting in line.

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