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17 oktober 2011 | The Economist published its recent ranking of the best MBA programs worldwide. Data shows the advanced business degree remains both costly and lucrative. Two Dutch universities also make it into the Top 100.

The ranking fever continues. After a number of recent rankings have put forward the usualsuspects as the best universities worldwide, The Economist now published its list of the best MBA programs.Unsurprisingly it is mostly dominated by US institutes.Nevertheless, there are even two Dutch programs making it into theTop 100.

Two U.S. programs top of the ranking, Dartmouth College (TuckSchool of Business) and University of Chicago (Booth School ofBusiness), followed by a Swiss one, IMD (International Institutefor Management Development). In the Netherlands, the RotterdamSchool of Management from Erasmus University (place 67) and theTiasNimbas Business School from Tilburg University (place 93) farebest.

Salary increase between 38% and 150%

The ranking was built by the economist based on a firstselection of business schools and a subsequent two-stage surveycarried out among students and alumni. This year a total of 17.700students and graduates all over the world participated (see methodology).

MBA programs could perform on four categories, namely: openingnew career opportunities (35%), personal development/educationalexperience (35%), increasing salary (20%) and potential to network(10%). Data was also collected regarding the profile of the program(costs, duration, teacher personnel) and those of its students(work experience, employment success).

The data shows that an MBA education remains an expensive, yetlucrative extra to many CEO’s to be. Tuition fees for the Top 15programs ranged between $93.450 and $129,600, while salariesincreased upon graduation between 38% and 150%.

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