CERN did it again

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18 november 2011 | Researchers from the particle accelerator CERN repeated the experiment showing that neutrinos might be able to travel faster than light. “If this measurement is confirmed, it might change our view of physics,” commented CERN Research Director Sergio Bertolucci.

Almost two months ago, CERN received significant media attentionfollowing its discovery that neutrinos might be able totravel faster than light. Given that this observation questionedmany fundamental laws of physics, scientists were suspecting thatthis result was merely due to a measurement error. Now, CERNrepeated the OPERA experiment yielding the same data implying thatmatter could travel faster than light.

OPERA spokesperson, Antonio Ereditato of the University of Bern,commented that “after many months of studiesand cross checks we have not found any instrumental effect thatcould explain the result of the measurement. While OPERAresearchers will continue their studies, we are also lookingforward to independent measurements to fully assess the nature ofthis observation.”

Eriditato, however, remains cautious interpreting results sayingthat “the potential impact on science is too large to drawimmediate conclusions or attempt physics interpretations. My firstreaction is that the neutrino is still surprising us with itsmysteries.”

UPDATE: The comments by Ereditato andBertolucci were made in response to the first discovery CERN madetwo months ago.

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