India goes Maastricht

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25 januari 2012 | What is it like for an Indian to study in the Netherlands? “The Hindu” featured a story on Ejaz Ahmed who completed an Econometrics Master at Maastricht University.

The newspaper “The Hindu” featured a story by an Indian student who talked abouthow he experienced completing a Master program in a foreign countrylike the Netherlands. Ejaz Ahmed studied Econometrics at MaastrichtUniversity, “a patron of the problem-based learning (PBL) model” ashe describes it.

Such an approach shifts a “chunk of responsibilities from theprofessor to students. Unlike in India, where you have freedom withtime in the beginning and make up for it later, you have aconsistent work schedule right from day-one. This inspiresself-learning.”

He further says that it can feel lonely to study abroad. Still,Indians would not have to worry about missing home. “You can besure to see an Indian in every corner of the world. In fact,Maastricht University has an Indian student association and Icelebrated Holi for the first time in my life in theNetherlands”.

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