On the agenda – Week 1, 2012

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6 januari 2012 | Denmark took over the EU presidency. What will be the new presidency’s priorities on higher education? Furthermore, in this week’s “On the agenda”: the renowned Nature magazine looks ahead to key scientific advancements that may emerge in 2012 and the Dutch government tries to curb the influx of German students.

What is on the agenda for higher education stakeholders all overthe world? Every week ScienceGuide presents you with a selection ofthe most important topics and items trending in social media.

Take 1 – Policy

@Education EU: The Danish EU Presidency is upand running: Priorities are ET2020 and better link education -labour market.

@WorldEducation Services: Replacing multiple higher ed regulatorswith a single body was approved by Indian Cabinet after 3 years ofdebate.

@Organization for Borderless Higher Education:Will a shortage of qualified labor derail the Brazilian economy?

Take 2 – R&D

@Nature News: Nature looks ahead to the keyfindings and events that may emerge in 2012.

@Warwick Knowledge: Investment is not aboutgreed, fear and hope, but excitement, anxiety and denial.

@PLoSONE: Dramatic Growth of Open Access”: review of OA pubs in 2011.

Take 3 – Internationalization

@Dutch News: Minister wants action on stream ofGerman students in Holland.

@The Washington Post: France backtracks onstudent visas.

@Scitech Talk: Israel acts to plug brain-drain. 

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