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20 februari 2012 | University enrolments will continue at elevated levels until 2025, recent forecasts by the German government indicate. Foreign student registrations grew by 24,5% within a year. New DAAD head, Margret Wintermantel, calls for €7 billion extra investments to maintain HE quality.

The German Conference of the Ministers of Education of theLänder (KMK) forecasts that university enrolments willcontinue to stay high until 2025. This year, records were brokenwhen 515.833 students registered themselves, a 25% over 2008. Forthe future, this number is expected to decline slightly to 490.000in 2013 and then level to 414.000 in 2025, still significantlyabove the 400.000 of the base year 2005.

The KMK identified a number of factors that contributesignificantly to this trend. While a higher output from highschools and the de-facto termination of military drafts were already highlighted in thepast, the KMK says that also more and more students from abroad andwith vocational background opt for higher education. The number ofstudents with a foreign high school diploma for instance increasedfrom 57.000 in 2009 to 71.000 in 2010, a growth of 24,5%.

€7 billion extra needed for quality until2015

The new DAAD head, Margret Wintermantel, commentedthat “the most recent KMK forecasts confirm our view: an increasingnumber of young people opt for higher education and this is along-term trend. Accordingly, we have to make funds available touniversities that have to cope with this development.”

“Our calculations indicate that only until 2015 there will be €7billion needed to maintain quality in education as part of the”Hochschulpakt II”. Given this long-term trend, we also need tofind a sustainable solution that reaches well beyond 2020.”

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