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28 maart 2012 | How to stimulate excellence in higher education? Researchers from Hanze University of Applied Sciences want to gain insight in best practices for this around the world. Next October, a two day conference will shed light on what really works. All HE-organizations are invited to present their best results.

In 2013, Amsterdam will be hosting the International Summit on theTeaching Profession, initiatied by president Obama. This giveshigher education in the Netherlands all the more reason to gatherand analyze initiatives to shed light on excellent teachingexamples. One of them is the conference ‘Evoking Excellence in HigherEducation and Beyond’ at the Hanze in Groningen.

State-of-the-art research

This conference aims at bringing together groups of people fromvarious scientific knowledge domains and fields of practice, tocombine state-of-the-art research with practical applications. “Weaim to gain a more sophisticated understanding of how to evokeexcellence in higher education and beyond.”

Interested parties are now invited to participate in theconference by sending in the findings of their excellenceprogrammes. These findings may include case studies, empiricalresearch, work in progress or theoretical contributions. Lecturers,teachers, students as well as policy makers are encouraged tosubmit a proposal for the conference that will takeplace on October 4th and 5th in Groningen.

The proposals for the conference are centered around severalthemes defined below

Theme 1. Evoking excellence in talented andmotivated students. Aspects include teaching strategies, honours asa teaching laboratory, assessment, the learning process andenvironment, creating a culture of excellence and creating anhonours community.

Theme 2. Student perspectives: studentparticipation, recruitment and selection, honours students’ needsand learning strategies.

Theme 3. Connecting to the real world:professional excellence, excellent performance in the work field,relations between gifted/honours programmes in higher education andthe work field.

Theme 4. From an international perspective:ethics and global citizenship in honours education, internationalcollaborations, and intercultural perspectives on excellence.

Theme 5. The integrated world of excellence:gifted programs in primary, secondary and higher education andtheir connections.

For submitting a proposal and more information on how to submita proposal, please refer to the proposal submission form. The deadline for applications is due onthe 7th of May. 

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