On the agenda – Week 9, 2012

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2 maart 2012 | Is cloud computing (CC) the future of European research? A partnership of leading IT providers and CERN, ESA, EMBL shows how CC may boost science. Furthermore, in this week’s “On the agenda”: a study maps trends in international student mobility and the OECD outlines policies to widen HE access.

What is on the agenda for higher education stakeholders all overthe world? Every week ScienceGuide presents you with a selection ofthe most important topics and items trending in social media.

Take 1 – R&D

@CERN:Big science teams up with big business to kick-start European cloudcomputing.

@Nature Magazine: The quest for the elusiveMajorana fermion may be over.

@Cameron Neylon: Quick notes in response toElsevier withdrawing support for the Research Works Act.

Take 2 – Internationalization

@Karin Fischer: New report highlights trends ininternational student mobility.

@Alastair Blyth: Can internationalisation fostereconomic recovery? Be at OECD conference, NYC.

@Institute of International Education: MoreAmericans are going abroad for full degrees.

Take 3 – Policy

@OECDEdu: OECD countries have adopted dramatically differentstrategies for increasing higher education access.

@University of Berkeley: InternationalizingBrazil’s Universities: Creating Coherent National Policies Must Bea Priority.

@GlobalHigherEd: New World Bank report China2030 includes plenty on Chinese higher education, innovation systems.

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: What are the views of Romney,Sanotorum, Gingrich, Paul on higher education and research?

@ScienceGuideEU: German universities need toopen their ivory towers to nontraditional students, Merkel’sexperts demand.

@ScienceGuideEU: ‘Project bonds’ toleverage knowledge and research. ScienceGuide spoke with ECPresident Barroso.

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