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24 april 2012 | Researchers, practitioners and policymakers will convene in Groningen this autumn to discuss best practices in fostering student excellence. Experts are invited to submit their proposals. What environment is needed to boost young talent in education?

Dutch universities strive for best practices in fosteringeducation excellence. The three universities in Amsterdam, VU, UvAand AUC, attempted this already by implementing Honors programswhich brought about innovative initiatives like the Learning Lab. The liberal arts college,Roosevelt Academy, too is involved in this discussion with itssummer program on teaching excellence. Now, the Hanze Universityof Applied Sciences Groningen invites experts to a conference todiscuss practices.

International Conference on Excellence

You are interested in knowledge-sharing on education fortalented and motivated students.

Researchers, practitioners and policy makers from all around theworld will meet each other at this first international conferenceon honors education and excellence. Recent research and goodpractices will be presented and discussed. Conference venue: themedieval city of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Proposals can be submitted before May 7 2012. Please refer toour conference website and join us on linked in.

We welcome a wide range of research and good practices focusingon education for gifted and motivated students from primary,secondary and higher education and beyond:

  • Evoking excellence in talented and motivated students. Aspectsinclude teaching strategies, honours as a teaching laboratory,assessment, the learning process and environment, creating aculture of excellence and creating an honours community
  • Student perspectives: student participation, recruitment andselection, talented students’ needs and learning strategies
  • Connecting to the real world: professional excellence,excellent performance in the work field, relations betweengifted/honours programmes in higher education and the workfield
  • From an international perspective: ethics and globalcitizenship in honours/gifted education, internationalcollaborations, and intercultural perspectives on excellence
  • The integrated world of excellence: gifted programs in primary,secondary and higher education and their connections

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