Grading by algorithm

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4 mei 2012 | Machines conquer student grading as complex thinking becomes assessable through mathematical algorithms. Studies claim this to be even superior to any human grading. Harvard’s teaching experts reflect on this and ask: “What are we testing for, again?”

In the past, algorithms have been the domain of mathematicians.But step by step they conquer other areas ranging from matchingcouples on dating websites to allowing teachers to gradepapers automatically beyond grammar checks. Recent studies nowclaim that software programs like E-Rater are even more efficientand more accurate than a human grader could ever be.

In a blog post, experts from the Harvard’s Derek BokCenter for Teaching and Learning discuss what the merits ofautomated grading are and how this reflects on what students aretruly tested on: “Does being able to write a robograde-able essayserve as an appropriate proxy for any skill that we do want to testfor? What are we testing for, again?”

Would you like to learn more about how new ways of teachingcan foster excellence? Roosevelt Academy is organizinga summer workshop on teaching excellencetogether with Harvard University’s Derek Bok Center. Signup here till the 8th ofMay!

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