On the agenda – Week 19, 2012

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13 mei 2012 | Planning to stay? Germany eases immigration rules following international student survey. Furthermore, in this week’s “On the agenda”: diagram visualizes growing U.S. student debt and research shows why we blow it when stakes are high.

What is on the agenda for higher education stakeholders all overthe world? Every week ScienceGuide presents you with a selection ofthe most important topics and items trending in social media.

Take 1 – Internationalization

@ICEF Monitor: European survey revealsintentions of international students, Germany eases immigration legislation.

@OBHE: The Erasmus Programme in 2010-11: thefigures explained.

@JørgenHeramb: The five big trends shaping higher education.

Take 2 – Students

@GlobalHigherEd: Visualizing Student Debt atColleges and Universities Across the US.

@ESU: Students with European heritage couldstudy for free in Scotland.

@Scholarly Kitchen: Neil Gaiman on the future oflibrarians: knowledge and information retrieval, navigation will bevery important skills.

Take 3 – R&D

@Futurity News: Why we blow it when stakes arehigh.

@Max Planck Society: How writing styles haveevolved from the 16th century to the present.

@International Unit: China launches plan topromote universities’ innovation and research ability.

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: The world’s best highereducation countries: 7 out of 10 in Europe, U.S. remains benchmark.

@ScienceGuideEU: Key to higher education quality- “In debate over deteriorating education in US, 1 factor isignored: the students“.

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