CERN breakthrough in god particle search

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4 juli 2012 | Researchers at CERN present evidence of a particle consistent with the elusive Higgs boson. With an accuracy of 4,9 sigma, the physicists have created a strong case for the existence of the so called god particle which gives matter mass.

About 900 physicists gathered in Melbourne to attend the CERNHiggs seminar. CERN representatives gave a long awaited presentation of their findings on the so calledgod particle which gives matter mass.

According to Joe Incandela, scientists were able to observea particle consistent with the elusive Higgs boson with an accuracyof 4,9 sigma (explanation: here). Evidence which is “in agreement withthe standard model at 95% confidence range,” Incandelacomments.

The data was provided by two independent experiments, CMS andATLAS which were both conducted at CERN. There is only a 1 in 1.6million chance that the scientists retrieved this data if theparticle did not exist.

As common in science, these findings open up more questions:Whatare the characteristics of this new particle? How does it behave?Does this confirm what Higgs theory predicts?

To follow a live report on the news at the seminar, click here.

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