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5 juli 2012 | Teachers, researchers and policy makers concerned with excellence in teaching and beyond gather this fall in Groningen. Over 70 (inter)national experts will share their thoughts at the conference ‘Evoking Excellence in Higher Education and Beyond’.

With the ‘Obama Summit’ coming to Amsterdam in 2013, excellencein teaching will be a large issue in the agenda of higher educationinstitutions in the Netherlands. With the conference ‘EvokingExcellence in Higher Education’, the Hanze University of AppliedSciences will provide a lot of inspiration in this topic. 

On October the 4th and 5th Groningen willturn into an ‘honours experience’ with a large programme. Thisspring Marca Wolfensberger, professor in ‘excellence in highereducation’, called out to everyone working in the field ofexcellence to submittheir ideas and best practices. During summer now, the programme isgetting shape. 

Researchers from around the globe are attending the two dayconference at Hanze University of Applied Sciences to share theirinsights. For example Gregory Lanier from the University of WestFlorida and Richard Scott from the University of Central Arkansaswill give lectures on the development of student learningoutcomes.

From the Netherlands several researchers and teachers from otherUniversities of Applied Sciences (UAS) will be in Groningen to givetheir view on themes like ‘what is an excellent professional’, ‘howto involve students in an honours programme’ and ’theidentification of excellent students.’ 

Other UAS such as HAN, Saxion as well as the University ofUtrecht and Hanze itself largely contribute to the two dayprogramme. The programme is almost full and can be found here. It is still possible to participate in the conference. Ifyou want to attend, registration can be found here.


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