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11 juli 2012 | The British government will make no U-turn on its stricter student migration policy, immigration minister Damian Green clarified. Earlier reports indicated that Prime Minister David Cameron considered excluding foreign students from migration calculations.

David Cameron’s plans to cut the number of immigrants from around190.000 to the “tens of thousands” has stirred much debate. TheEnglish university sector was appalled given that this wouldseverely impact the number of foreign students enteringthe country. A renowned think tank warned that this would come at a price tag ofover €7.4 billion – quite a dear election promise in times ofausterity.

U-turn rumor is nonsense

Rumor had it that in the recent days Cameron was considering aU-turn on this policy, giving into his liberal coalition partnerand extensive lobbying on behalf of universities. According toTimes Higher Education immigration minister Damian Green has now declared this rumor as nonsense.

Green argues that students would also use public services and”trying to define our way out of the problem of uncontrolledimmigration is wrong.” To realize the target of reducing netmigration to under 100,000, “we will need a reduction in studentvisas,” Green said.

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